Color Research and Application - Special Issue

The September/October 2023 issue on Environmental Color Design in Color Research and Application features eighteen articles, all of which are fascinating and at the forefront of environmental color design research including:

Doreen Balabanoff – ‘Color, light, and birth space design: An integrative review’

Ellen Divers – ‘Theory to practice: Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance (PAD) theory for architectural color design’

Fiona McLachlan – ‘Lustrous wrappings: Complex color and collaborative practices in contemporary ceramic facade’ co-authored with Mengmeng Lyu and Xuechang Leng.

Zena O'Connor - 'Color interventions on a macro scale: Tactical urbanism and issues of global concern' (Images featured in this post).

Saara Pyykkö – ‘Conceptualizing the chromatic experience of environment: Two case studies using the Color Walk method’

Juan Serra, Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda, Ana Torres-Barchino & Jorge Llopis – ‘Color induction in the restoration of architecture in historic city centers’

Ralf Weber – ‘Monochromatic design in a polychrome world. Why our cities have become increasingly gray: A dischotomy between production and reception in architectural design’

Beichen Yu – ‘Understanding new colors in urban environments: Deciphering colors as semiotic resources’

You can read the articles via this link:

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